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Use of a Biofeedback Stabilizer to Provide Feedback Relating to Activation of Core Muscles in Lower Back and Neck

Muscle Testing and Biomechanical Evaluations

Your Biokineticist

Xavier Mc Creanor


Xavier initially obtained his BEd Human Movement Science and Sports Management degree as well his BA Honours in Human Movement Science (specialising in corporate wellness) at the University of Pretoria. He was presented with the chancellor’s award for the best practical student in his final year. He then continued his studies at the University of Johannesburg where he obtained his MPhil in Sports Science with a particular focus on nutritional supplementation. Xavier is a Golden Key Society candidate. 

Xavier went into teaching at various schools in Johannesburg but his true passion lay in biokinetics. As such, he resigned from his career in education  to pursue his dream of becoming a biokineticist. He succesfully completed his BHSc Honours degree (Biokinetics) at the University of Witwaterstrand and then went into private practice, networking with other practices over South Africa.

A notable academic achievement was the publication of his MPhil research in the Sports and Medicine Journal of South Africa, for an article entitled Attitudes towards nutritional supplement use amongst adult gymnasium users in Johannesburg North.

Xavier is not only an emerging academic but he is also a keen and talented sportsman. He represented South Africa on national level in ringball (Korfbal) in the /19, /23 and senior men’s age groups. He captained both the /19 and the /23 teams. Further to his love for sport Xavier coached rugby, netball, cricket, athletics and softball teams at high school level across Gauteng.

In the field of biokinetics, Xavier’s interests are focused around Orthopaedic/Chronic and special population. Xavier enjoys to work with all patients from children to geriatrics. His practice is situated in the Durban North area.

Xavier is currently enrolled to complete his Doctorate Degree  in Sports Science at the University of Kwazulu Natal focusing on exercise prescription for children with autism.

Vitality Fitness Assessment

Our team has joined the Vitality Wellness Network and we are now available to do your Vitality Fitness Assessments.



All Vitality members, 18 years and older, can earn 2 500 Vitality points each twice a year (at least 5 months apart) for doing a Vitality Fitness Assessment.

You can also earn up to 5 000 bonus fitness points based on their fitness level at each assessment. These points are in addition to the 2 500 points you earn for doing the assessment. Below are the bonus points you can earn depending on their overall fitness levels. The overall fitness level consists of the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility results.

 A Vitality Fitness Assessment provides data that is helpful in development of an individualised exercise programme to address various health and fitness components. By collecting baseline data, we will be able to evaluate you in your follow-up assessment and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Multiply Fitness Assessment



Score fitness level between 1 and 5 – members will receive discounts on momentum products/partners depending on these results.

Book your assessment today with your friendly Biokineticist, in Durban North/Umhlanga. 

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